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Silly Questions

2007.05.30 / Author.

以前にも特集記事を掲載してくれたりしてくれた、シンガポールのダイビング雑誌「Fin‘s」に世界で活躍する5人の水中写真家特集を掲載するというので(あ、僕も選ばれたようです)、写真をセレクトして送ったとメールしたら、以下のような質問に答えてとメールが来たので、返事を返しておいたんだけど、これ雑誌で使うの?って聞いたら、たまにはこういうのもいいでしょって・・・。自分は結構好きだけど、まさか僕だけこんなSilly questionだったら、余計、美味しい。

and to be different from the other publicator. We would like to add more silly questions and answers but if you're not comfortable with any of the below question, there's no need to answer it.
- What is the stupidest thing you've ever done with your underwater camera gear?
I closed the housing with the small bugs on the O-ling and leak from it.
I went down to -50m depth to shoot special fish (Pseudanthias ventralis ventralis) by 105 mm macro,with the lens cover on it.
And etc, etc.
- What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
For diving only ?
I often forget my fins on the boat when I do back roll entry.Because my fins are too big for my feet.And sometimes fins come off underwater, when I find something special like whale shark.
So sometimes I lost the best chance for shooting.
I had an experience to eat abalone underwater, and that was so happy to me so I kept finding it
At the forest of kelps and leave my Camera housing somewhere, and lost it.
- Are you a Mac or PC person?
I use both Mac and PC.
- Do you prefer red or white wine?
Haha, I prefer white wine. But I like beer more than wine.
- Do you find it easier to remove red or white wine stains from clothing?
I don`t know.Do you want to know how to do it ? Best way is to put on black color clothing.
- On an average dive, how many times do you pee in your wetsuit?
Depend on the water tempretuer. Normally I patient to do pee.
But I guess 4 times at one dive was the most. I stayed 2and half ours.
- Which marine animal do you hate the most and why?
I can`t think of any animals…….,
Ah! I guess the Bluefin triggerfish.Sometimes I was attacked by them.and once they broke my housing.
- Do you prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter?
If anything,I like smooth peanut butter. But not use so often.
- Is your belly button an "inny" or an "outy"?
Depend on the pants size.
- How many times can you say "Such a silly shellfish" in a row without making a mistake (try it and let us know)?
4 times.
- What is the question you most hate being asked by magazines, divers, etc. and why?
Why Japanese eat whales ? Because I don`t want to eat them.
- Which is more difficult for you: Juggling 3 tennis balls, or juggling 3 simple tasks assigned to you by your spouse/ partner?
I will do my best to master juggling.
- Which do you think came first and why: the chicken or the egg?
I like sunny side up and chicken Teriyaki burger.
- How long can you balance on one leg without letting the other leg touch the ground (try it and let us know)?
Should I close my eyes ? Please let me know,first.
- Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is your favourite and why?
I don`t know well about Mutant Ninja Turtle, but I like Ninja Hatori kun, the best so far.
And this question is for you only : Why do you think Japanese people often confuse the letters "R" and "L"? (Sample Answer from Tony Wu: Because rearning Engrish is learry difficult.)
Yes, leaning English is leally difficult. We don`t have a plonunciation of “R” in Japanese word.
So “R” is velly difficult to use and undelstand for us.
please don't be serious for these questions it suppose to be in the amusing but intelligent way
Do you think to put every answer on the magazine ?
and as usual you can answer these question in Japanese and Tony will translate it for us. don't worry.
Who made those silly questions ? I `m too busy ~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to here from you soon and thank you very much in advance
See you someday.


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